According to the law, you can sue another party for "tortious interference". The term allows you to seek for economic injury compensation in a civil law case.  Tortious interference covers economic injuries sustained due to a contract of a business. 

Tortious Interference with Contract

This case is related to contracts. Tortious interference can happen here if one person or organization that is not party to a contract does or says something that leads to breach of the contract by one of the parties to it. For example, say you are planning to sell an item to a business for $1500 and have written a contract with the business owner. However, before you sell the item, the business owner finds out through another party that the item you wish to sell can be purchased for $1000. As a result, the business owner refuses to buy your item unless you sell it for $1000. In such a case, he will have breached the contract due to the information he/she got from the third party. For more references about this topic, you must visit 

When the contract is breached, you can sue the third party for interference of the contract. There are a number of conditions that must be met for a contract interference suit to be initiated. These are: 

o             You should be having a contract with the business that you wanted to sell the items to

o             The third party should have known that you had a contract with the business

o             The third party did something that led to the business breaching the contract it had with you

o             Due to the breach of the contract as a result of the actions of the third party, you were unable to hold your end of the contract

o             The business you were to sell the items to suffered damages due to you not fulfilling the contract as promised 

Tortious interference with a Business Relationship'

Like can be deduced from the name, this happens when you end up breaking your relationship with a business due to the actions of another party. In this case, there is no contract between you and the business. 

In most cases, the existence of a contract between you and a business can determine whether a case is Tortious Interference with a contract or a business relationship.  For example, if you had talked to a business to sell an item, but had no written contract, and then the relationship ends due to the actions of a third party, this will be tortious interfere of a business relationship.